William Eilers

Entrepreneurship is hard. Whether it’s your first go round, or you are a weathered executive, trying to keep up with the newest trends in financial products, corporate strategy, new regulations, or just keeping compliance in check is a heavy burden. A founder/operator should focus on business, not legal hurdles, not navigating complexities of securities compliance. William understands the need to balance capital management with the reality of building a thriving business. William is a native of West Virginia. After 15 years in Miami, William relocated to Asheville, NC. As principal of his own firm, he spent over 15 years in the securities and compliance space. From SEC compliance to mergers and acquisitions, William has been involved in all aspects of securities law. Building on years of experience, William drives the corporate securities focus of Smith Eilers, striving to help companies navigate the pitfalls of finance and public markets and avoid the tangles of entrepreneurship, with a focus on business development.

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