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Taylor Dana

Taylor Dana is an associate attorney at Smith Eilers, where she is taking her knowledge of the law and applying it to the specific areas of federal motor transportation defense and business litigation. She attended Saint Leo University, completing a Bachelor of Psychology degree, before applying to Florida Coastal School of Law. Here, she spent three years honing her analytical skills and developing her understanding of Florida and federal law. She is currently a member of the Florida Bar and admitted to practice in federal court in the Southern District of Florida.

Prior to becoming a member here at Smith Eilers, Taylor spent time developing experience in the personal injury sector. She has experience taking a client’s claim from the beginning stages of litigation and obtaining a favorable result in settlement. This process has taught her patience, perseverance, and compassion for the people she represents. She has applied this knowledge to her role at our firm, assisting clients in all aspects of their claim while maintaining an open and friendly demeanor.

Taylor’s primary goal with our firm is to become an expert in federal motor carrier transportation defense. This includes all aspects of litigation in a federal case, negotiating settlements on behalf of our clients, and being knowledgeable about the specific application of the Carmack Amendment. Taylor also enjoys lending a hand to the securities side of our firm, where she is slowly but surely developing her understanding of SEC filings, 144 opinions, and mergers and acquisitions. She looks forward to learning from our experienced partners and becoming proficient in all practice areas offered at Smith Eilers.

Taylor was born and raised in North Florida, where she intends to use her degree and experience to better her community and become a productive member in her small town. In her free time, she volunteers as the director of a children’s program, where she applies her cutthroat lawyering abilities into managing demanding five-year-olds. She enjoys gardening, burning on the beach, and spending time with her spastic one year old goldendoodle, Ollivander.

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