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Mallory Meredith

Mallory is an associate attorney with Smith Eilers, and she is licensed to practice in Oregon and North Carolina. She received her B.A. in Environmental Science from Florida International University in Miami, Florida, focusing on Sustainable Agriculture and Policy, and her J.D. from Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. While in law school, Mallory was a member of the International Environmental Law Project where she had the opportunity to draft and edit amendments to key international environmental treaties such as CITES. In her third year of law school, Mallory worked as an intern with Oregon Tradeswomen where she created a toolkit to provide tradeswomen with resources, both within and without the legal field, in the unfortunate event that they suffered harassment on the job site. Mallory was also an active member of the Environmental Justice Clinic in her third year of law school, studying historic environmentally based injustices and how to recognize and fight against them in the present. These varied experiences allowed Mallory to focus and learn from both environmental and nonprofit law. While these experiences may not seem to relate directly to Securities practice, they taught Mallory the intricacies of dealing with state and federal government and administrative bodies.  

At Smith Eilers, Mallory will focus on State, Federal, and other administrative body filings for our clients, as well as helping with all internal corporate needs. Mallory is experienced in each step of the process when a company is making changes, such as name changes or changes in capital stock. She can facilitate each step in the process, from board and shareholder resolutions, SEC filings, OTC Market filings, FINRA corporate actions, and state filings.

Mallory was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, but has made it a priority to experience all that America has to offer as far as hometowns, having lived in Virginia, South Florida, Oregon, and now North Carolina. In her free time, Mallory is fixing up her new home in North Carolina and spending time with her husband exploring Western North Carolina. She enjoys gardening, learning new skills in the kitchen, and the not-so-occasional television series binge. Mallory hopes to continue her love of travel in the future, adding many international destinations to the itinerary.

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