December 13, 2021

Not just a securities attorney

Written by
William Eilers

When I started my first law firm almost 15 years ago, I envisioned a different law firm that was part of the entrepreneurial team.  It was a bold vision for a young attorney, and at the time, a bit short sighted. Like many start-ups, I had the naivety and bravado paired with hardly any understanding of how business works.  I chased many crazy ideas. I took people at their word.  I bought into the dreams of my clients as a zealous and dutiful attorney.  Truth is, it was a rough start.  I quickly discovered how hard it is to run a business, how hard it is to track down financing, and how hard it is to implement a business plan in the face of a plethora of unforeseen pitfalls.  Like any good entrepreneur, I shifted the focus of the firm and provided legal representation for those who funded the entrepreneurs.  I learned the goals of investors, the tactics of returns, and how to secure an investment.  I also learned the tenuous tight rope of securities compliance, helping clients balance the desire to squeeze every last cent out of an investment with appropriate timing and maneuvering.  However, I never let go of that initial goal of creating a different law firm.  Over the past 5 years, I have worked hard to come back to the entrepreneurs, this time with a wealth of knowledge and tools.  I realized that it isn’t always the idea, it isn’t always timing, but it absolutely is always the execution.  

When David and I decided to create Smith Eilers, PLLC, we built on this vision of a different law firm.  Although our practices are very different, our clients are not.  Our clients are hard working entrepreneurs building their dreams.  Some are looking to grow, raise capital, and acquire greater market share.  Some are looking to just ensure that their dream is protected, but they all are looking for a law firm that is part of their team. At the end of the day, clients need to get things done.  They don’t need pomp or arrogance.  They don’t need lectures or condescension.  David and I believe that our value is our knowledge and experience paired with personable professionalism.  

With the support the Smith Eilers, PLLC team, I am now able to provide the best solution for entrepreneurs and growing companies. We have curated an incredibly professional and capable staff.  I, personally, have built a knowledge and understanding of the nuances of business development, the recipes that work and don’t work.  Because of this, Smith Eilers, PLLC not only provides its clients with superb securities law expertise, but also advisory services in business development and strategy.  We can provide the road map forward and guide clients to the right resources along the way, because we want to arrive at the destination as part of the team, and celebrate all of our client’s victories as victories of our own.