March 22, 2022

Ken Bart Joins the Expanding Smith Eilers, PLLC Corporate and Securities Team

Written by
Kenneth Bart

On January 1, 2022, I joined Smith Eilers, PLLC as a corporate and securities attorney, and was immediately impressed with the firm’s dedication and expertise with respect to its clients’ needs.  I have brought to the firm extensive knowledge of securities legal matters and have personally structured, negotiated and drafted all necessary documents for private and public offerings totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in offering proceeds.  In addition, I have represented a multitude of private and public entities as well as numerous shareholders with respect to securities regulations and compliance, as well as 33 and 34 Act filings and registrations.  I have also brought legal knowledge related to all aspects of business and corporate legal matters, which results in the ability to assist companies during each step of such client’s corporate existence.

I have been fortunate during my career to have experienced client legal representation as a sole practitioner, as an attorney at a state-wide law firm, as well as at a national law firm.  During my career, these opportunities have taught me how businesses should operate, as well as how law firms should, and must, represent clients who place their trust in the attorneys hired to support and protect them.  While, as attorneys, we are service providers, I believe that the true nature of the profession is to help people, thereby helping clients’ businesses, officers, directors, employees, shareholders, and customers.  In addition, I believe that developing personal relationships with clients results in better communication and has a positive impact on both the client and the firm.  

During my career, I have heard many law firms speak about having a common goal and working as a team.  I can honestly say that one of the core values of Smith Eilers as a firm, and one of the main reasons I was excited and honored to be part of the Smith Eilers team, is the constant determination and commitment to the firm’s clients, by way of providing exceptional, efficient, and extensive knowledge-based legal services.  The corporate, securities and capital markets practice group at Smith Eilers works as one unit, with the common goal of not only providing focused and detail-oriented services with respect to securities matters, but also providing corporate guidance and general corporate legal services to ensure that our clients’ businesses function at the highest possible level, while avoiding potential legal pitfalls.  Due to our extensive business experience, we have become familiar with, and have handled a multitude of business-related issues, which allows us to represent clients from initial formation and startup, through merger and acquisition transactions, OTC, NASDAQ and NYSE listings and compliance, and eventually potential exit strategies if the client so chooses.  Our knowledge and flexibility in being able to represent clients with respect to both business and corporate issues, as well as all private and public securities matters, creates a “one stop shop” for our corporate clients and often their shareholders, thereby negating the need to retain multiple law firms to complete a given task or transaction.  

I am extremely happy to be part of the Smith Eilers team, and we are excited for the opportunity to provide excellent legal services to our current and future clients. Please feel free to contact us with any of your corporate and securities legal needs.