November 16, 2021

I believe in entrepreneurs

Written by
David W. Smith

I believe in entrepreneurs.  When I first applied to law school, I was unsure whether I would ever actually practice law. I rationalized on the basis that “these are the rules of the game, and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to know them as well as anyone.”  So, I started down this path with the intention of learning enough of the law to be my own lawyer, no matter what path I chose.  

However, along the way, I came to really enjoy and appreciate the practice of law and the nuance involved in negotiating the layers, conflicts, and challenges thereof.  As I leaned into my law practice, I always kept that idea of how it started in my core.

Each client that walks through our door, we seek to engage them in the process and create an exchange of ideas, knowing that if we do not understand your path, and all of your goals, there is no way we can provide the help you need to accomplish your goals.

I have spent many years as a litigator, and I do revel in the battle of it.  There is no denying that such direct confrontation of ideas hones the analysis of law & fact and prepares one in a way that simply cannot be replicated.  Further, to be able to represent my clients through what are intimidating and at time existential fights is a privilege, and one that I do not take lightly.  

It is from that confrontation, and the post-mortem analysis that we go through on every matter, that I came to realize how those litigation lessons were best utilized.  In every trial there are dozen moments, at the very least, when a lawyer thinks to himself, “I wish I had just this one additional fact on my side, this one piece of evidence, this one contractual term stated a bit more clearly”… and that is the key to what I can offer to my clients.  

I still am in court regularly, and I love motion practice, trials, and appeals; however, it is from that experience that I began bringing clients through that analysis with me, along with my notes from the entire litigation process.  That is how I came to the process presently used for drafting our contracts for clients and generally handling the role of general counsel.  We reverse engineer from the trial perspective, so that before you imagine how a dispute might arise, we have already cut off or limited to the greatest degree possible, your company’s liability from both the threats and risks that keep you up at night, as well as those you had never considered.  

I would love the opportunity to sit down and hear about your business and the goals you have for it.  Together, we can build something great, that will withstand all challenges.