August 29, 2023

Corporate Firm with Community Values

Written by
Taylor Dana

Here at Smith Eilers, our approach to matters includes collaboration between departments, and providing a support network across areas of expertise. Not only has this fostered a deep sense of community and friendship within our firm, but it is the same ethos that built long-lasting business relationships with clients that are confident in our ability to provide them with the best possible representation. Just as we see the potential in each other to create the best work environment, we see the potential in our clients. We believe in their dreams because someone once believed in our dreams.

I began my legal journey at the tender age of eleven. It was fifth grade graduation, and it was my turn to tell the world what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was so nervous. The little girl before me was going to be a princess and a famous singer. How do you top that? I timidly stepped up to my fifth grade teacher and quietly proclaimed that I was going to be a lawyer. From that day forward, my family, teachers, and friends made sure to be my biggest support system for reaching my dreams. My community cheered me on from day one, and on October 7th of 2021, I could proudly say that I was admitted to practice law in the State of Florida. I would not be where I am today without their kind words and quiet faith in my ability to obtain my goals. My experience throughout this time has given me a deep appreciation for people who see the potential in others and push them to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

It is that sense of community and support that led me to call Smith Eilers my work family. Every job brings its own set of challenges and difficulties, but I’m proud to say I am surrounded by a team that will help me overcome those difficulties, cheering me on the entire way.

If these are the values and characteristics that you see yourself or your company believing in, I encourage you to reach out to our firm for your legal needs. You’ll find a team that cares deeply about each other, and about the people that have faith in us to get you across the finish line.